The Salterton

A Murder Is Announced

5th - 10th March 2018

About The Play

An announcement in the local paper states the time and place of a murder to occur. When the victim falls, Miss Marple is on hand to provide the final solution.

Directed by Marc Colson

The Cast

Letitia Blackmore – Pat Peters

Julia Simons – Molly Morten

Dora Bunner – Dianne Nichols

Patrick Simmons – Dan Hill

Mitzi – Andrada Dada

Miss Marple – Joye Heyes

Phillipa Haymes – Leonie Motler

Mrs Swettenham – Ali Ransom

Edmund Swettenham – Will Hill

Rudi Scherz – Mark Rose

Inspector Craddock – Ray Virr

Sergeant Mellors – Tim Alsford

Director's Notes

To follow

Chairman's Notes

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