Laying the Ghost

4th - 9th September 2017

About The Play

Written by Simon Williams

Directed by Richard Gomm

Margot Buchanan is a witty ex-actress in a retirement home. She is visited by a young actress who is having an affair with Leo, Margot's ex-husband - and by Leo's current wife Judy. Leo arrives but suffers a fatal heart attack. Thus the scene is set for chaotic hilarity as Leo's ghost appears, anxious to sort out matters between his three women, and visible only to Margot's psychic friend Freda!

The Cast

Dianne Nicholls

Juliet Roach

Wendy Gomm

Penny Hill

Elaine Wilson

Marc Colson

Steve Clark

The Crew

Director: Richard Gomm

Stage Manager: Kim Taylor

Lighting: Tony Goodwin

Sound: Marc Colson and Kim Taylor

Costume: Deborah Pearson and Carol Cooper

Props: Kim Taylor

Photography: Mike Pearce

Prompt: Tim Alsford

Box Office: Judith Stewart-Young

FOH: Deborah Pearson

Set Design and Construction: Richard Gomm, Kim Taylor and Steve Clark

Director's Notes

Welcome again to our new production.  This time it is a sort of updated Blithe Spirit with ghosts and spirits of all kinds. I saw this play some years ago and thought then it had the potential to be a play we could do. The thing that most annoyed me was they used a poorly constructed dummy as the dead body." Why not use a proper body?", I thought, and it was with that in mind I decided to do this play. Since the director becomes superfluous by the time the play goes on, I decided to take the part of the body my self and with the help of two strong men and a diet we pulled it off!! I would like to thank my cast for sorting out the challenges that the play has thrown up and the strong support they have given me.

Richard Gomm

Chairman's Notes

Welcome back to the Salterton Playhouse for our latest production ‘Laying The Ghost’.

For our returning audience you will most likely know that I’ve been involved with the Salterton Drama Club for many years, and in all areas of the theatre, however I’m writing to you for the first time this week as Chairman.

We have lots of exciting plans for the coming year, and lots of wonderful productions we are hoping to put on, but we cannot do that without your support. Our acting membership is slowly dwindling, and without people willing to have a go at treading the boards we are unable to produce shows to entertain you. With this in mind, if you have ever been interested in taking a turn on stage, however big or small the part, then please do come on down, meet the group and get involved. We promise you it really is fun! (We wouldn’t do it otherwise!)

As for ‘Laying The Ghost’, we have had a tremendous amount of fun putting this play together and Richard has done a fantastic job once again in the director’s seat as well as on the set.

Now it is just time for you to sit back, relax, and let us entertain you.


Penny Hill