Outside Edge


About The Play

The Salterton Drama Club is back with their latest production - OUTSIDE EDGE.

A comedy by Richard Harris
Directed by Richard Gomm

A rip roaring comedy where an afternoon's cricket turns into utter chaos!

Fast paced and guaranteed to have you in hysterics.

Saturday Matinee Only.

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The Cast

Roger - Tim Alsford

Miriam - Kim Taylor

Kevin - Steve Clark

Maggie - Elaine Wilson

Dennis - Ken Elvy

Ginnie - Penny Hill

Alex - Kieran McGarry

Sharon - Abi Bryson

Directed by Richard Gomm


Director - Richard Gomm

Stage Manager - Wendy Gomm

Costume - Wendy Gomm & Deborah Pearson

Props - Wendy Gomm

Prompt - Pauline Primrose

Lighting & Sound - Marc Colson & Nathan Wakefield

Photography - Mike Kerswill

Front of House - Judith Stewart-Young




Director's Notes

Have you ever been involved in a cricket club (or indeed any sports club)? Then you will probably recognise the characters tonight. In this very funny play we see what happens during a sunny afternoons cricket match.

I directed this play some years ago with a different drama group who had a far smaller conventional stage. Doing this play on our stage meant we had to build a more convincing pavilion which in turn has allowed us to have two separate acting areas so we can keep the action and the actors moving. 

We have had a lot of fun doing this play and some of the cast might even take up cricket as a result, certainly the men had to learn how to swing a bat. I would like to thank my cast for all their hard work in putting this play on, as at this time of year we have the shortest rehearsal schedule, and, I would particularity like to thank the Newton Poppleford cricket club and Tim Alsford who supplied a lot of the equipment and outfits.

 Richard Gomm

Chairman's Notes

Welcome to the Salterton Drama Club! And to our regular patrons, a warm welcome back.

We’ve had a busy start to 2019 here at the Playhouse. Richard has put together this fantastically funny play with an intricate and very impressive set and I have every confidence that you will thoroughly enjoy this brilliant play. Congratulations Richard.

It never ceases to amaze me how much effort everyone puts in to each production and I know first hand – since I’m back ON the stage for the first time in a while – that Outside Edge has been no exception.

There are a whole host of familiar faces on the stage again today and I’m pleased that so many of our new members from the last production have joined us again.

It makes me incredibly proud that we can see so many people in the club growing in confidence and ability.

Tim has stepped up to the mark fantastically with his biggest part to date as Roger, and after a lot of cajoling Kim has gone from hiding in the shadows as Stage Manager to leading lady as Miriam!

In other news we have a jam-packed year ready for you with our entry to the One Act Play festival (where we hope to retain our title as champions for the 3rd year in a row!), our Gala Week Murder Mystery, another 3 productions and a whole load of other social events. Please join our membership or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all that is happening. There are also details of upcoming events on the flyers on your seats.

Remember that we are also partnered with the Co-Op and their Community Fund so if you choose your membership points to come to us, we can continue to make improvements to our wonderful little theatre.

I hope you all enjoy the show and I look forward to seeing you again throughout the year.

Penny Hill