And Then There Were None

7th March - 12th march 2016

About The Play

A wonderful play by Agatha Christie, the 10 soldiers were given to the cast as "Oscars".  We would also like to give special thanks to:
Vanity box for the use of their window
Budleigh Library for allowing the advertising display
Ian Logan for maintaining the website

Directed by Marc Colson

The Cast

Steve Clark
Tim Alsford
Pat Cowey
Penny Hill
Leigh Steedman
Dan Hill
Paul Turner
Michael Gascoigne-Pees
Mary Logan
Richard Gomm
David Holt
Rosemary Holt
Kim Taylor
Roy Miles
Dianne Nicholls
Kate Maslen
Vivienne Gascoigne-Pees
Judith Stewart-Young & team
Mary Logan
Jeremy Townley 
Will Hill

Director's Notes

Welcome.  This has been a favourite play of mine for some years and I was delighted to be given the chance to direct it here at the playhouse.  It's always a challenge to bring together a large cast from a small group, however, this cast is very strong and have done a sterling job in bringing Christie's characters to life.  The team backstage is just as important - the set builders/painters in particular - a real team effort.  Thank you.  So sit back, and enjoy.

Marc Colson


Chairman's Message 

Welcome once again to our theatre.

This time not only are we presenting a thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat. (Don't give away the ending to anybody who has not seen it!.). We are asking you to give us your views on how you would like to see the Playhouse develop in the future. Hopefully on your seat you will find a short questionnaire which we ask if you could take a couple of minutes to fill out. We have several ideas that have been proposed but if we could have your thoughts it would help us to go in a direction that would appeal to you as our audience.

Richard Gomm