Fish Out Of Water

2nd September - 7th September 2013

About The Play

A Comedy by Derek Benfield. This production is dedicated to the memory of Allen McAllister, who sadly passed away on 12 August 2013.  He was a tireless worker for the Club and will be greatly missed by us all.

Directed by Lyn Leger

The Cast

Mike Brookes
Pam Terry
Kate Baker
Jenny Roberts
Jenny Bowden
Wendy Gomm
Steve Clark
Ray Pickworth
Richard Gomm
Elaine Wilson
Finn Morley-Welch
Rosemary Williams
Angie Maslen
Debbie Pearson
Fin O'Leary

Director's Notes

Divertiti (enjoy yourself)

Spassatela (have fun)!

Lyn Leger
Chairman and Director


Chairman's Message

As the new Chairman of the Salterton Drama Club, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our delightful theatre for what I am sure you will find to be an enjoyable experience. Our director, cast and back stage crew have been working very hard to create this production for you.

For every play that we produce, in addition to the actors, we also need a team consisting of set builders, lighting and sound crew, stage manager, costumes, props and prompt, as well as front of house staff. All of this makes it sound as if we have a vast membership, but the truth is that we are a very small group of people who work very hard to put on shows for your pleasure.

So, if you would like to join us, please feel free to pick up an application form and join in the fun!

Richard Gomm