It Could Be Any One Of Us

5th March - 10th March 2012

About The Play

A thunderstorm. A windswept country house.
A family of failures -
A detective who has never solved a case;
A writer who has never completed a book;
An artist who has never sold a painting;
A composer whose work has never had a public performance;
And a dysfunctional teenager;

ALL wrangling over a bequest.

These are the prime ingredients for a murder mystery thriller
in the traditional mould. But this thriller is by Alan Ackbourne and contains many twists and turns, leavened by his characteristic humour and slyly ironic comment.

Directed by Richard Gomm

The Cast

David Holt
Elaine Wilson
Mark Bazeley
Penny Hill
Simon Blissett
Karen Bazeley

Director's Notes

Alan Ayckbourn wrote this play with several possible endings, and left it up to the director to choose whether he would want the same murderer throughout the run of the play or a different murderer for each performance.

If it was to be a different murderer each night Ayckbourn suggested that he or she could be chosen in the game of cards, that he or she, on picking a certain card, is the guilty party, and those not picking that card would know they were not to be the murderer for that night. This is intriguing but produces many challenges for the cast.

I leave it up to you to decide how we rose to the challenge, and which option I chose. However, you would need to come and see this play again on another night to see whether there is another villain or the same one!

In any event I must express my thanks and gratitude to the cast for all their hard work.

Richard Gomm

Chairman's Message

Thank you for coming to this, our first production for 2012. After finishing 2011 in triumphant fashion with our final production “Make Way For Lucia” we are now looking forward to another very busy and, hopefully, successful year.

We start 2012 with this comedy “It Could Be Any One Of Us” by the ever popular Alan Ayckbourn. This will be followed in June with two very funny plays “Edwin” and “I Spy” written by the much acclaimed John Mortimer. In September we will perform the comedy “Nobody’s Perfect” by Simon Williams, and we finish our 2012 productions in November with a comedy thriller “Prescription For Murder”.

Not only have we another varied programme of plays to offer you, there is also going to be a lot of activity behind the scenes. You will probably have noticed the foundations for our new and much needed storage area to the left of the theatre, and this is now ready to be erected in the spring. So by the time you come to the June production, it should all be in place.

You will also have noticed a questionnaire on your seat. We feel that it would greatly assist us in deciding future productions if you could take the time to complete this questionnaire so that we can learn what you, our loyal audience, is thinking and what you most enjoy. There will be a box in the foyer for you to put your completed questionnaires.

I should like to thank you for completing the questionnaire; we really do appreciate it. It just remains for me to wish you an enjoyable evening.

Malcolm Elliott