Murdered To Death

2nd June - 7th June 2014

About The Play

This hilarious spoof of the best of Agatha Christie traditions is set in a
country manor house in the 1930's, with an assembled cast of characters guaranteed to delight - Bunting, the butler; an English Colonel with the prerequisite stiff upper lip; a shady French art dealer and his moll; the bumbling local inspector and a well-meaning local sleuth who seems to attract murder wherever she goes - they're all here, and all caught up in the side-splitting antics which follow the mysterious death of the house's owner. It soon becomes clear that the murderer isn't finished yet, but will the murderer be unmasked before everyone else has met their doom, or will readers and audiences die laughing first?

Directed by Richard Gomm

The Cast

Angie Maslen
Juliet Roach
Jenny Roberts
Wendy Gomm
Mike Brookes
Penny Hill
Andy Jury
Richard Gomm
Steve Clark
David Holt

Director's Notes

Now, donning my Director’s hat, I would like to say a big thank you to all my cast and backstage crew.

As ever, everybody has worked tirelessly to put on this play. It has not been an easy production as various holidays had been booked well in advance and this naturally interfered with rehearsals. However, they have all strived very hard to make up for absences.

Richard Gomm

Chairman's Message

Welcome once again to our theatre and to our production of Peter Gordon’s play “Murdered to Death”.

Since I am both Director and Chairman this time, I thought I would take this opportunity to “talk to you” from both sides of the curtain so to speak. It has been said many times before that, to survive, we must constantly look for new members. This is even truer today as, with our membership growing older, we are always looking for fresh talent.

Since you are here I must assume that you are aware of us and enjoy the plays we present. I am going to make a personal plea to you and ask if you know of anybody who might be interested in taking part, either backstage or on stage. We are a small friendly group and all new members are made most welcome. We have an active social side where we go out to dinner, visit the theatre (both amateur and professional) and take part in other local events.
So please help us to continue putting on plays for your entertainment.

Thank you.

Richard Gomm