Over My Dead Body

4th March - 9th March 2013 

About The Play

Unfortunately, David Holt was unable to take part in the perfomances
and his place was read very successfully by the Director.

Directed by Richard Gomm

The Cast

David Holt
Karen Bazeley
Mark Bazeley
Wendy Gomm
Fin O'Leary
Penny Hill
Steven Bazeley
Rosemary Holt
Rosemary Williams
Debbie Pearson
Jeremy Townley

Director's Notes

Welcome once again to our theatre. It is lovely to see you here. I know I am speaking to the converted, but you may not realize that you can have an active part in our group by inviting your friends to make up a party to watch our plays or recommending that they come on their own and see us.

If you come on the Monday of the show you can get a group discount (minimum 10 people) and if you care to bring your children/grandchildren (under the age of 16) they can come in at half price on the Saturday Matinee. So, lots of things to think about.

Now with my Director’s hat on, it is my pleasure to see you here for our very first show with a difference. Never before have we done a revue (well, not in the last 8 years). This will be the first time that the cast have not only sung and recited but have done it while DANCING! This is a step up from our Radio Budleigh shows and the cast have been working very hard to bring you the finest terpsichorean ever. I hope you enjoy our efforts.

Richard Gomm
Chairman and Director

Chairman's message

As always it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our lovely theatre, and to this Production of “Over My Dead Body” by Derek Benfield.

Directed by Richard Gomm, this delightful comedy – yes, not a Murder Mystery – has a cast of six. All are experienced actors whom you have seen on the stage before, and, together with the back stage crew, have worked very hard to bring you this Production. Thank you to all of them.

However, we would love to have newcomers on board. If you have never acted before but would like to give it a try, please speak to one of the Front of House members – remember, we were all beginners once! In November we are presenting another of our popular “Radio Budleigh” productions. This would be an ideal way for you to start your ‘on stage’ career.

If you have not yet picked up our programme for 2013 please take one home with you today. If there is not a copy on your seat, you will find a supply in the foyer.

It just remains for me to thank you for your continued support, and to wish you an enjoyable evening.

Mary Logan