The Ghost Train

1st June 2015 - 6th June 2015

About The Play

Directed by Andy Jury

The Cast

Marc Coulson
Richard Gomm
Trevor Brice
Matt Hartley
David Holt
Mark Bazeley
Karen Bazeley
Lucy Vincent
Jenny Roberts
Wendy Gomm
Penny Hill

Director's Notes

Hello and welcome to Salterton Drama Club's production of “The Ghost Train” by Arnold Ridley.

This has been my first time as director here at Budleigh and I have been made extremely welcome by everyone in this fine society.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in this challenging production. Although I have directed before elsewhere, your first time with any society can be very nerve-racking. However, I have been surrounded by a friendly, hardworking and supportive team, both on stage and backstage, who have made the whole experience enjoyable.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this funny, and slightly scary, play as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Andy Jury

Chairman's message

Welcome to our theatre. We have a very different sort of play for your entertainment tonight. Written by Arnold Ridley in 1923, it is quite remarkable how it has become one of the plays drama groups like to put on.

It presents a challenge for the special effect department to get their teeth into, possibly more than any other play. In this show you will hear rain, whistles, doors slamming, and, of course, the train.

When we got the scripts, there was a description of how the train sound effect was to be performed. It required a team of ten men, a thunder sheet, various drums, a number of whistles, a selection of angle irons, a garden roller and a lot of space. Nowadays we just require a CD player, some good sound effects and a smoke machine!

Anyway settle back and enjoy our performance of “The Ghost Train”.

Richard Gomm