The Happiest day of your life

22th November - 29th November 2014

About The Play

This play by John Digton, takes place just after the end of the second world war. It takes place in the Masters common room in a School for boys in Hampshire.

Directed by Marc Colson

The Cast

Finn Morley-Welch
David Holt
Richard Gomm
Michael Gascoigne-Pees
Dianne Nicholls
Wendy Gomm
Kate Maslen
Tim Alsford
Mary Logan
Steve Clark
Vivienne Gascoigne-Pees
Adam de Reya
Katrina Horth
Jenny Roberts
Juliet Roche
Pauline Primrose
Elaine Wilson

Director's Notes

Were they the happiest days of your life? Last year I met up with classmates from 30 years ago, having attended the Kings School in Ottery, and reminisced about our mischievous behaviour, teachers and being young and carefree. It was aged 14 that I first trod the boards playing Hopcroft Minor and began a passion for theatre making. 

Being a newcomer to the Budleigh Salterton Drama Club, it was with trepidation that I agreed to direct and I have not been disappointed or regretted one moment of it. A friendly group of theatre makers who embraced this farce and all pulled together to bring it to you to enjoy. The backstage team have really come up trumps in sourcing a huge props list and costumes and a team of set builders and painters have worked tirelessly. A huge thank you to every one of them.

So sit back, relax, laugh heartily, reminisce and have a spiffing evening. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at our next production.

Marc Colson

Chairman's Message

Welcome again to our theatre. As you can see, we have been very busy in the intervening months. We have replaced all the original chairs, bought about thirty years ago, with new ones for your comfort. We have also carpeted the whole of the auditorium and rebuilt the raked seating so it no longer creaks when you walk on it.

To this end we applied for a Lottery Grant to enable this work to be done. This involved a lot of form filling and we were also required to raise money ourselves to support the work being done.

It has also meant that many of our members had to give up a lot of their time to this project. I would like to thank them for all their efforts and I hope you find the changes a great improvement

Richard Gomm