Waters of the moon

3rd March- 8th march 2014

About The Play

This play by N C Hunter takes place in a small hotel on the edge of Dartmoor between Christmas and new year 1951.

Directed by Ray Pickworth

The Cast

Finn Morley-Welch
Elaine Wilson
Mary Logan
David Glennie
Michele Morley-Welch
Diane Nichols
David Holt
Sandria Stewart
Juliet Roach
Marc Colson

Director's Notes

It’s good to be back in the warmth of the Salterton Drama Club, having last been an active member in 2005. Since then, with my partner Ken, our theatre ventures have revolved mainly around evenings of one-act plays and supper, as fundraising for FORCE, the local cancer support charity. This had to halt as we no longer had storage facilities for props and scenery.

I am still very enthusiastic (if not quite so energetic!) and was delighted to be invited to direct a play of my choice. I had no hesitation in proposing “Waters of the Moon”, a play I had directed back in 1988 for Sidmouth Open Hand Theatre, and which has been a favourite of mine ever since.
Staging this production with its cast of 10, plus two sets, was an ambitious project from the start, but with some clever engineering from Roy Miles, his team of set builders and painters, quickly provided us with a workable set.

I hope everyone’s hard work and dedication to the production will ensure an enjoyable experience for my lovely cast and backstage team, and, not least, for you, our loyal and supportive audience.

So sit back and enjoy “Waters of the Moon”.

Ray Pickworth

Chairman's Message

Again it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our theatre. We have several firsts for you tonight. We have the return of Ray Pickworth who has taken on the role of director for this production of “Waters of the Moon” by N.C. Hunter. He has brought in a couple of new faces that you might have seen acting in Sidmouth - Marc Colson and David Glennie. These gentlemen bring a wealth of experience with them and we look forward to seeing them on our stage in the future.

We also have Michele and Finn Morley-Welch treading the boards in their first roles as Mrs Daly and her son, John Daly. How's that for casting? You will have seen them before in our Noel Coward Revue, but this time they are performing without a script in their hands.

Now I would like to draw your attention to our new curtains. These were made possible with a donation from a former member, Denis Tyler, who, sadly, died last year.

So it just remains for me to wish you an enjoyable evening and if you feel you would like to join us in any capacity, just contact a member of the front of house. You can be assured of a warm welcome.

Thank you.

Richard Gomm